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Official Announcement of the Review Result Concerning the Special Approval Application for Innovative Medical Devices
2019-05-09 14:12

According to the "Innovative Approval Procedure for Medical Devices" (Order No. 83, 2018) of the National Medical Product Administration (NMPA), the following entries have been accepted in special review process.


  1. Product name: Transcatheter artificial pulmonary valve system (经导管人工肺动脉瓣膜系统)

Company: Venus Medtech Co., Ltd. 杭州启明医疗器械股份有限公司

  1. Product name: Acellular conjunctival matrix (脱细胞结膜基质)

Company: 拜欧迪赛尔(北京)生物科技有限公司

  1. Product name: Hemodialysis urea clearance calculation software (血液透析尿素清除率计算软件)

Company: Ifmsoft Co., Ltd. (北京英福美信息科技股份有限公司)


Original article: https://www.cmde.org.cn/CL0050/19065.html

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